When Sunny Deol Called To Stop Gadar 2, Omg 2 Clash, Akshay Kumar Said

When Sunny Deol Called To Stop Gadar 2, Omg 2 Clash, Akshay Kumar Said

The second episode of Koffee with Karan 8 was quite spectacular. Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol were Karan Johar’s guests on the chat show. Both of them talked about their life and films. Sunny Deol was there so obviously there were discussions on Gadar 2 also. The film clashed with Akshay Kumar’s film OMG 2. Sunny said that he was very nervous before the release. He did not want any film to come into theaters along with his movie. To avoid the clash, he had also called Akshay Kumar. Told on the show what happened.

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Reaction on OMG 2 clash

With Gadar 2 becoming a blockbuster hit, Sunny Deol has become the hot cake of the industry. He is getting offers for films in abundance. This time he also came as a guest on Karan Johar’s chat show. Karan talked to Sunny about the success of Gadar 2. Sunny said that after the first Gadar was a hit, his bad times had come. Many films started getting lost and some were never made. Karan asked that the release date of his film Gadar 2 be fixed long ago. In such a situation, how did he feel about the clash of OMG 2?

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I could only request

To this Sunny Deol replied that none of his films had been released for so many years. It was a very emotional time. They felt that no film should be released simultaneously so that theaters could be found. Sunny said that she had also told Akshay not to let the clash happen. Karan asked if he had called Akshay Kumar. On this Sunny said, yes it is obvious, I had told him that please if it is in your hands then do not let there be a clash. But he said no, it is in the hands of studios, etc. He said that 2 films could be released together so I said ok. I could only make requests, nothing more.

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