Tejas Vs 12th Fail Day 5: Vikrant’s 12th Fail Defeats Kangana’s Tejas, Earnings Double

Tejas Vs 12th Fail Day 5: Vikrant’s 12th Fail Defeats Kangana’s Tejas, Earnings Double

12th Fail Vs Tejas Day 5: On one hand, Kangana Ranaut’s film Tejas was released in theaters on October 27, while on the other hand, Vikrant Massey’s 12th Fail was released. Although both the films have not been successful in performing anything special, 12th Fail has defeated Tejas and has made almost double the collection. While the earning of 12th Fail is more than that of Tejas, on the other hand, the budget is said to be less than half. Know the collection and budget of 12th Fail and Tejas in this report.

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How are Tejas’s earnings?

Kangana Ranaut’s film Tejas is in bad shape at the box office. The film had collected only Rs 1.25 crore on the first day and the total earning of the film in four days was Rs 4.15 crore. According to the report of Saknilk, the film collected only Rs 35 lakh on the fifth day and the total earning is around Rs 4.50 crore. According to reports, the budget of the film is Rs 60 crore.

  • Day 1: Rs 1.25 crore
  • Day 2: Rs 1.3 crore
  • Day 3: Rs 1.2 crore
  • Day 4: Rs 0.40 crore
  • Day 5: Rs 0.35 crore (early estimate)
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Earnings of 12th fail doubled from Tejas

Kangana Ranaut’s Tejas has been ruined by Vikrant Massey’s 12th failure. In five days, 12th Fail has earned double that of Tejas, while the budget of the film is also said to be Rs 25 crore. 12th Fail collected Rs 1.11 crore on the first day, which was less than Tejas, but it got good word-of-mouth publicity. After which it started earning rapidly. The film has collected around Rs 9.99 crore in five days.

  • Day 1: Rs 1.11 crore
  • Day 2: Rs 2.51 crore
  • Day 3: Rs 3.12 crore
  • Day 4: Rs 1.50 crore
  • Day 5: Rs 1.75 crore (early estimate)
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