Opinion: Tiger Woke Up When Half The Film Was Out, ‘Pathan’ Shahrukh, Not Salman Khan, Breathed Life Into The 2:30-Hour Film

Opinion: Tiger Woke Up When Half The Film Was Out, ‘Pathan’ Shahrukh, Not Salman Khan, Breathed Life Into The 2:30-Hour Film

‘tiger 3’ was released On Diwali. ‘tiger 3’ Starring Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, And Emraan Hashmi Looks Like A Bomb. There Were A Lot Of Expectations From It But Only 50 Percent Of It Has Been Able To Live Up To The Expectations. Read The Review, Shortcomings And Best Points Of ‘Tiger 3’.

Till The Time Tiger Is Not Dead, Tiger Is Not Defeated… When This Dialogue Comes Out Of Salman Khan’s Mouth, It Seems As If The Film Goes Straight From 40 Speed To 80 Speed. On The Occasion Of Diwali, Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif’s ‘Tiger 3’ Has Finally Been Released. Despite It Being Diwali, A Good Crowd Was Seen On The First Day of the Show. Once Again The Fans Are Elated To See Salman Khan As ‘Tiger’. The Good Thing Was That 57-Year-Old Bhaijaan Lag Has Also Been Very Strong As ‘tiger’. ‘pathan’ Shahrukh Khan’s Cameo Brings Life To The Film. At The Same Time, Katrina Kaif’s Participation Is Absolutely Equal To That Of The Hero. Amidst So Many Good Things, There Are Some Things That Were Not Expected.

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Challenge Ahead For ‘Tiger’ Franchise And Manish Sharma

The Makers Have Presented The Story Of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ Which Came In The Year 2012 And Then ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ Which Came In The Year 2017, In A New Style. The Style Of The Film Is Absolutely Old But The Style Is New. The Way Of Telling The Story Of Every Director And Writer Is Also Different. This Time ‘tiger 3’ Has Been Directed By Manish Sharma, Who Made Films Like ‘band Baaja Baaraat’ And ‘fan’, While The First ‘tiger’ Was Made By Kabir Khan And The Second By Ali Abbas Zafar. ‘tiger 3’ Was A Big Opportunity For Manish Sharma When He Is Presenting Such A Big Action Film. He Neither Lacked Budget Nor Superstars. In Such A Situation, Has He Been Able To Make A Better Film Than Other Spy Films By Using All The Resources?

‘tiger’ Kept Sleeping

The Biggest Weakness Of ‘Tiger 3’ Is Slowness. The Film Looks Dull Before The Interval. The First Part Does Not Seem Like A Spy Universe Film At All. The Film Comes To Life After The Interval. It Is A Rs 300 Crore Film So Each Scene Matters A Lot. The Viewer’s Gaze Should Not Stray From Any Single Place. But The Initial Scenes Are Quite Weak. Work Could Have Been Done On Its Screenplay And Vfx. When ‘Pathan’ Enters In The Second Part, The Real Film Starts From There. Why Are Fans Crazy About ‘Tiger’ Series? Because They Want The Steely Salman On Screen, Ammunition, And Thriller Scenes That Don’t Give Them Time To Blink A Minute. But This Time These Spices Were Lacking.

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‘tiger 3’ Review

Manish Sharma Has Not Done Anything Special In ‘Tiger 3’ For Which He Can Be Cited As An Example. What Makes The Film 50% Worth Watching Is Salman Khan’s Powerful Performance, International Stunt Master, And Aditya Chopra’s Complete Blueprint. Had This Template Been Given The Hard Work Of The Director And Writers, An Output Like ‘pathan’ Would Have Been Achieved. People Never Get Tired Of Clapping. Siddharth Anand, Who Has Proved Himself With ‘war’ And Then ‘pathan’, Knows This Very Well. Who Knows Better Than Siddharth Anand How To Make The Hero Look Like James Bond In Action Films.

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‘Pathan’ Vs ‘Tiger 3’

Yrf’s Spy Universe Has Breathed Life Into Indian Cinema. Every Film Is Raising Its Bar. But This Time There Seems To Be Less Suspense In ‘Tiger 3’. There Has Been No Success In Portraying The Hard Work Of Rs 300 Crores And 300 People On The Screen. This Year The Audience Has Seen ‘pathan’ And Then The Expectations From ‘tiger 3’ Increase. Despite This, There Are Some Very Good Things Which Need To Be Learned.

What Was The Best In ‘Tiger 3’

The Best Thing In The Story Of ‘Tiger 3’ Is The Thought Of The Writer Which Presents The India-Pakistan Angle In A New Way. Until now The India-Pakistan Dispute has been shown Like A War. Feelings Of Enmity Have Been Shown Between The Two. But This Time The Story Is Opposite. Such An Example Has Been Given, Seeing Which Neighboring Countries Will Also Learn A Lesson. At The Same Time, Emraan Hashmi’s Role ‘Atif Rehman Has Also Been Developed Well, While ‘Zoya’s’ Past Has Been Used To Form The Core Of The Story.

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