Know How Is Shahrukh Khan’s Pathan Cameo In Tiger 3, Was Pathan Able To Repay Tiger’s Debt?

Know How Is Shahrukh Khan’s Pathan Cameo In Tiger 3, Was Pathan Able To Repay Tiger’s Debt?

Salman Khan did a cameo as Tiger in Pathan and created a blast. But know what happened when Shahrukh Khan came as Pathan in Tiger 3?

Salman Khan sweated a lot to set Pathan. Tiger did a cameo in Pathan and this cameo added to the earnings of the film. But was Pathan able to create the same magic when he came in Tiger 3? After watching the film, the first thing that comes to mind is that Pathan could not repay Tiger’s debt, and Shahrukh Khan was seen doing a very bad, boring, and absurd cameo. The concept of a cameo has come from foreign films, but when we look at those films, cameos are not done without any reason or just to save someone. But first of all, Tiger did not need any cameo. Then the second cameo seems completely crammed into the film. Then the cameo that comes at the end of the film is without any reason and has no connection with Tiger 3.

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Whereas Tiger’s cameo in Pathan was fantastic. Fits perfectly according to the situation. But Pathan’s cameo in Tiger seems forced. Again the scene is similar to that in Pathan. Pathan was imprisoned in a train and Tiger in a jail in Pakistan. In this way, if Pathan was saved by Tiger, then it is not written in any book that Pathan would definitely come to save Tiger. But the director could not understand this. Then created a situation like Pathan and sent Pathan to save Tiger. But Shahrukh Khan could neither create thrill in this cameo nor could he do any good to Tiger. In this way, his cameo proved to be completely ineffective.

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Salman Khan has been an actor who has made guest appearances in many stars’ films and it has also been beneficial. However, it does not seem that Shahrukh Khan will be able to provide them any benefit. However, Pathan has also become a big franchise. But till now Bhaijaan’s films have been crossing the waters on their own. But there seems to be little hope that Shahrukh Khan will be able to provide any benefit to Bhaijaan.

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