Box Office: Even Before Taking Off At The Box Office, Kangana Ranaut’s Tejas Crash Lands, ‘Ganpat’ Is Also In Trouble

Box Office: Even Before Taking Off At The Box Office, Kangana Ranaut’s Tejas Crash Lands, ‘Ganpat’ Is Also In Trouble

After ‘Gadar 2’ and ‘Jawaan’, that glow has not returned in theatres. After this, many small and big films came, which ‘Ganpat’ also failed and Kangana Ranaut’s film ‘Tejas’, released this week, seems to be failing badly at the box office on the very first day. Know how much you are earning.

After Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Jawaan’, only ‘Fukrey 3’ has earned decently at the box office, whereas many films were released after this and all have failed. While now on the 50th day, Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Jawaan’ is also at its final stage after 50 days, the condition of the recently released Tiger Shroff’s ‘Ganpat’ also seems to be deteriorating. The worst situation at present is that of Kangana Ranaut’s film ‘Tejas’, which was released today i.e. on Friday. The prediction of the first day’s earnings of this film can give a huge shock to the makers and Kangana. Yes, Kangana’s film is failing at the box office on the very first day.

Shahrukh Khan’s film Jawan was released last month on 7 September. The film made a huge splash on the opening day itself and earned Rs 75 crore on the first day. After this, the film created new records of earnings every day and now this film directed by Atlee has completed 50 days and its last breaths seem to be counting down. The film has been earning lakhs for some time now and this Thursday the film has earned only Rs 15 lakh.

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Jawan Song
Jawan Song

‘Jawaan’ earned Rs 1148.35 crore in 50 days

According to the report of sacnilk, in seven weeks this film has collected around Rs 639.75 crore across the country. Whereas in 50 days, the worldwide earning of Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Jawaan’ has been around Rs 1148.35 crore, whereas if we talk about its gross collection in India, ‘Jawaan’ has earned Rs 759.35 crore in 50 days. This film by Shahrukh and Vijay Sethupathi has created a big threat not only to Bollywood but also to the records of South films.

200 crore Ganapath earned only 11.8 crores

If we talk about Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon’s film Ganapathy, which was released last week, its game seems to be ending with its release. Neither are people digesting the story of this film nor are people praising Tiger Shroff’s actions. ‘Ganpat’, made with a budget of around Rs 200 crore, has been able to earn only Rs 11.8 crore at the box office in so many days. The film has earned Rs 90 lakh on Thursday.

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People neither liked the story nor the action

Whereas ‘Ganpat’ directed by Vikas Bahl is a dystopian action film based on a future imaginary world where resources have been exhausted, there is crime, corruption, poverty, and a deep gap of inequality. The world has been divided into two parts, rich and poor. In this film, the poor are thrown out among the rich to a place where they are yearning for even their basic amenities and are fighting and dying for their basic needs. Tiger Shroff comes as a messiah in this poor area, but people did not like this gimmick at all and its results are clearly visible at the box office. Apart from Tiger Shroff, the film also stars Amitabh Bachchan, Kriti Sanon, Elli Avram, Rehman, Jamil Khan, Girish Kulkarni, Shruti Menon, and Zaid Bakri.

Worldwide ‘Ganpat’ close to Rs 16.20 crore

‘Ganapath’ has earned Rs 16.20 crore worldwide in 7 days. The film’s earnings abroad have been only Rs 2.20 crore in 7 days, while the gross collection in India has been Rs 14.00 crore.

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Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Tejas’ released, flops on first day

Let us now talk about Kangana Ranaut’s film Tejas, released on Friday, for the promotion of which the actress had recently reached Lord Ram’s temple in Ayodhya. However, the film does not seem to be getting any benefit from their promotion. The prediction of the first day’s earnings of ‘Tejas’ is surprising and disappointing. In this film, Tejas Gill or Kangana Ranaut is a brave fighter pilot of the Indian Air Force. This film, directed by Sarvesh Marwah, is the story of the bravery of this woman Payal during the war between India and Pakistan. In this film ‘Tejas’, Anshul Chauhan, Varun Mitra, Ashish Vidyarthi, and Visakh Nair are seen in important roles along with Kangana.

Kangana’s ‘Tejas’ earned only Rs 75 lakh

The prediction of the film’s opening day earnings has come out and these figures are surprising. Sacnilk has told in its report that the first-day earning of the film is not even reaching Rs 1 crore. It is being told that Kangana’s film is completely defeated at the box office on the very first day, which is going to earn only Rs 75 lakh on opening.

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